Over the past six years we have invested significantly into our high precision CNC machining facility. Including modern 5 axis machining and inspection equipment. This has allowed us to expand our services to the aerospace and defense industries. 

Our high precision 5 axis CNC equipment allows us to work with part diameters of up to 48" and heights of up to 40", with a maximum weight of 4000 lbs. Our Matsuura MAM72-35V five axis machining center is equipped with direct scale feedback on all 5 axis, which allows for accuracy to 2um (.000078") and rotary accuracy within 2 arc-seconds (.00027 degrees). Our Zeiss Contura 7/7/6 5 axis CMM allows us to inspect complex, muilt-sided components to extremely high accuracy levels. It also features full constant contact scanning capabilities for efficent and accurate anaysis of free form surfaces, roundness, profiles, and more. Our Zeiss CMM is calibrated and certfied yearly, and can be traced back to NIST standards. 

Specializing in metals such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum and titanium, we are also adept at working with other exotic alloys scuh as Invar. We have the capability to manufacture from various raw material types including plate, bar stock, castings, and forgings. Secondary services include painting, plating, passivating, and assembly. We also offer MAGNAFLUX (magnetic particle crack inspection) and other NDT services. 

Our Quality Management System is certified to AS9100 Rev. D standards. 



Equipment for Aerospace Machining



  • 5 Axis Milling and turning up to 48" diameter and 40" tall!
  • Lights out machining with FMS cells up to 40 pallets


Equipment List

  • DMG DMC125U 5 Axis Machining Center (1250mm), 7 pallets, 180 tools

  • Matsuura MAM72-63V 5 Axis Machining Center (630mm), 2 pallets, 240 tools

  • Matsuura Cubex 42 5 Axis Milling/Turning Center (420mm), 24 pallets, 240 tools 
  • Matsuura MAM Cubex 25V 5 Axis Milling/Turning Center  (max 10.0" diameter, 12" tall), 40 pallets, 240 tools
  • Mazak Variaxis 630-5X-II 5 Axis Machining Center, 630mm, 1 pallet, 40 tools
  • Mitsubishi FA20 Wire EDM Machine 
    Capacity - 20” x 14” x 12” 

  • Current EDM Precision Hole Drilling Machine

  • Zeiss Contura 7/7/6 5 axis CMM in climate controlled clean room lab 

  • Zeiss Prismo 9/18/7 5 axis CMM in climate controlled clean room lab 

  • Zeiss Duramax 5/5/5 shop floor CMM

  • Zeiss Surfcom Touch 50 Surface Finish Analysis

  • Thermoscientific Niton XL5 Plus Hand-Held XRF Gun


Rapid Development

Fully Funcional Prototypes That Never Compromise Quality

Prototype Development & Quality Control

We take pride in creating prototypes that are always rapidly produced, cost effective, and high quality. Our highly skilled machinists use industry-leading software and machining equipment including 5-Axis CNC Milling, CNC Turning, 4 Axis Wire EDM, EDM Hole Drilling, surface grinding, and Honing. We always test for quality using standardized equipment like our Zeiss Contra 5-Axis CMM Machine featuring form scanning and digitizing capabilities to 1.7 in μm accuracy.

Prototype Development  Quality Control

Why McQuillen?

When you need high quality, expertly manufactured parts, look no further than McQuillen Manufacturing. We’ve been specializing in complex machining for over 15 years for customers in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and all over the US. We specialize in contract 5 axis machining for the aerospace and defense industries. We also offer prototype and product development services to our customers.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you or to schedule a tour of our facility. 

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