QUALITY CONTROL      We put quality above all else


     We put quality above all else

Quality is in our nature. McQuillen strives to be the industry benchmark for high precision and high quality machined components & assemblies. Our proven and scrutinizing methods of quality control and product verification have allowed us to maintain a rolling 99.8%+ quality acceptance rating with ALL of our aerospace prime customers. 

"McQuillen is often referred to by customers as the benchmark for first pass acceptance & compliance to the most challenging geometry and tolerances"

Our quality management system is certified to ISO9001 and AS9100 Rev D and is powered by our fully integrated ERP/QMS - ProShop by Adion Systems and Inspection Manager by High QA. We can provide all customer inspection requirements from first article all the way to 100% high volume production inspection by utilizing our fleet of fully programmable and automated Zeiss CMM equipment. Our highest accuracy CMM, our Zeiss Prismo features industry leading accuracy and is located in our positive pressure, temperature and humidity controlled quality lab. Our Zeiss Duramax shop floor CMM equipment allow us to pair a measuring machine directly with a machining center to provide 100% in-process inspection for demanding production applications.










         AS9100         ITAR Certified


    Equipment List:


  • Zeiss Prismo 9/18/7 5 Axis CMM  (900mm x 1800mm x 700mm)
  • Zeiss Prismo 9/12/7 Navigator 5 Axis CMM (900mmx 1200mm x 700mm)
  • Zeiss Contura 7/7/6 5 Axis CMM (700mm x 700mm x 600mm)
  • Zeiss Contura 10/12/6 5 Axis CMM (1000mm x 1200mm x 600mm)
  • (QTY 3) Zeiss Duramax 5/5/5 Shop Floor CMM (500mm x 500mm x 500mm)


  • Keyence IM-7030 Automatic Vision Measurement System
  • Mitutoyo PH-350 Optical Comparator


  • Zeiss Surfcom Touch 50 Bench Top Unit
  • Mitutoyo SJ-410 Bench Top Unit
  • Mitutoyo SJ-210 Portable Unit


  • Thermo Fisher Niton XL5 Plus XRF X-Ray Gun (Raw Material Analysis & Plating Inspection)
  • Pratt & Whitney Super Micrometer (resolution to .00002in)
  • Assortment of Granite Surface Plates, Dial Bore Gauges, Height Gauges, Gauge Pins and Blocks, Thread Gages
  • Rockwell Hardness Testers