McQuillen Manufacturing has a dedicated assembly lab that offers a wide array of assembly services for the aerospace and other industries.
Our cabilities include a threaded insert installation department as well as sub-assembly services to include mating parts, dowel pins, and other critical components to our machined fabrications. In addition to that, we can design and manufacture custom assembly tools, jigs and automated machines to assist with any level of assembly required. 
McQuillen Manufacturing has experience with a wide array of metal finishing, plating and other outside processes. We build strong partnerships with industry leaders in special processing to supply our customers the very best finishes, plating and other outside processes. 
     Gold Plating                                    Black Anodize Type III
Dedicated Assembly Lab

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    Surface Treatment / Plating:

  • Electroless Nickel Plating "AMS2404"
  • Gold Plating - Mil-Spec & Laser Gold "MIL-DTL-45204"
  • Anodizing Type II & Type III "MIL-F-8625"
  • Chemical Conversion Coating "MIL-DTL-5541"
  • Tiodize "AMS2488"
  • Passivation "ASTM A967"
  • Zinc Plating

    Thermal Treatment:

  • Thermal Stress Relieving and Heat Treating "AMS2801"
  • Cryogenic Stress Relieving
  • In house oven capabilities to 500F
  • In house cryo capabilities to -120F

     Assembly Capabilities:

  • Threaded Inserts - tanged, tangless, keen-sert, spiralock, etc.
  • Automated Helicoil Tanged Insert driver for high volume assembly
  • Mating of machined components, dowel pins and other critical components
  • Use of special greases, adhesives, locktites, etc.
  • Full traceability for FLIGHT assembly to include routers, assembly instructions, and fully calibrated tools & gages.

Why McQuillen?

Simply stated - we strive to be an extension of your engineering and procurement teams, meaning we value collobaration, team work and making decisions that best impact our customers. We feel that the success of our customers is directly related to the success of our organization. Above all else - we value quality, on-time delivery and risk reduction.

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