MULTI-AXIS MACHINING Tight Tolerance, High Complexity, Low to High Volume


Tight Tolerance, High Complexity, Low to High Volume

McQuillen Manufacturing offers CNC Machining services for aerospace and other industries. Our speciality is high accuracy machining of complex components and assemblies. We have production capacity to support volumes from a few pieces to thousands of pieces per year.

5 axis machining allows for the ability to mill complex geometry while decreasing time due to decreased set up time. Our versatile fleet of machines offers us the ability for efficient prototyping all the way to 24/7 lights out high precision production machining. Our lineup features a fleet of Matsuura 5 axis mills, known for setting the standard for precision in the aerospace industry. Our machines are fully automated with integrated robotics along side automatic tool changers with capacity of up to 330 individual tools.













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  • Extremely high precision to .002mm (.0001 inches) tolerances
  • Capacity up to 1250mm (49 inches) diameter
  • Machines are equipped with work piece automation (pallets) for lights out machining 
  • Up to 40HP Spindles provide high material removal rates 

     5 Axis Machining Equipment

  • Yasda PX30i 5 Axis, 33 Pallets, 323 Tools (400mm)   2023!
  • (2) DMG DMC125U 5 Axis, 7 Pallets, 180 Tools (1250mm) 
  • Matsuura MAM72-70V, 18 Pallets, 330 Tools (700mm)   2022!
  • Matsuura MAM72-35V 5 Axis, 32 Pallets, 240 Tools (350mm)
  • Matsuura MAM72-63V 5 Axis, 2 Pallets, 240 Tools (630mm)
  • Mazak Variaxis 630-5X-II 5 Axis, 1 Pallet, 40 Tools (630mm)
  • Matsuura MAM Cublex 25 Mill-Turn, 40 Pallets, 240 tools (250mm)
  • Chiron FZ15FX Unicell - 5 Axis High Volume Production Cell, Robt Fed "lights out machining" 
  • Hermle C20U 5 Axis High Precision, 1 Pallet, 30 tools (15" diameter x 15" tall)
  • Hermle C52U Dynamic 5 Axis High Precision, 1 Pallet, 195 Tools (43" diameter x 30" tall)

   3 & 4  Axis Machining Equipment

  • Makino S33 High Precision Vertical Machining Center 
  • Mikron VCE 1000 Pro Vertical Machining Center
  • Atrump M422W Vertical Machining Center


For more information please see our full equipment list here.

Why McQuillen?

Simply stated - we strive to be an extension of your engineering and procurement teams, meaning we value collobaration, team work and making decisions that best impact our customers. We feel that the success of our customers is directly related to the success of our organization. Above all else - we value quality, on-time delivery and risk reduction.

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