EDM Machining


McQuillen Manufacturing offers Electric Discahrge Machining (EDM) for aerospace and other industries. EDM Machining allows traditionally impossible geometry's such as sharp internal corners to be machined.

Our WireEDM is suitable for machining complex, tight tolerance, deep through cavity features and holes. Thin walled and delicate components are well suited  and we are capable of holding extremely tight tolerances on most all types of work pieces and sizes. During Wire EDM Machining, the workpiece is submerged in water to protect it against heat exposure and provide flushing of machined material from the work piece. The only requirement for suitability to be EDM Machined is for the work piece to be conductive. 

Our Current EDM Drill is used for drilling micro sized holes into difficult to machine materials. It is also used to produce starter holes in materials which are impossible to be conventionally drilled due to hardness or other characteristics. 

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  • Wire EDM allows complex shapes and square inside corners to be machined
  • Minimum inside radius of .005 inches can be achieved
  • Ability to hold extremely tight tolerances

    EDM Equipment

  • Mitsubishi FA20 5 Axis Wire EDM (22 x 14 x 12 inches capacity)
  • Current EDM Drill (.002 to .250 inches drill diameter)


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