Advanced Machining and Engineering Solutions


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Advanced Machining and Engineering Solutions

McQuillen Manufacturing offers contract machining & engineering services for a variety of industries, including Space, Aircraft and Miltary & Defense.

Think of McQuillen for "Flight Critical - High Reliability - Tight Tolerance - Challenging Geometry - High Mix, Low Volume - High Volume Contract Manufacturing"

Multi-Axis Machining

Advanced  Machining Centers paired with Robotic Work Piece Automation to meet your production needs.

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EDM Machining

Electro Discharge Machining allows for extreme precision and challenging geometry to be machined. 

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Assembly & Secondary Processes

McQuillen has experience with a wide range of secondary and outside processes.

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Engineering Services

Allow us to assist your team with Design for Manufacturability (DFM). 

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Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message. Our team has the skills to execute a wide variety of projects.

Why McQuillen?

Simply stated - we strive to be an extension of your engineering and procurement teams, meaning we value collobaration, team work and making decisions that best impact our customers. We feel that the success of our customers is directly related to the success of our organization. Above all else - we value quality, on-time delivery and risk reduction.

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