Our state of the art CNC Machining equipment allows us to deliver consistent, exceptional products. Our experienced machinists will leverage the latest industry tools in creating a production process specifically designed to meet your specifications and exceed quality expectations. Get in touch with us today to learn about our full production capabilities.


CNC Mutitasking 5 Axis Equipment

  • 1- Matsuura MAM Cubex 42 5 Axis Milling/Turning Center  (max 16.5" diameter, 13.7" tall), 24 pallets, 240 tools Coming Soon!

CNC Milling Equipment

  • 1- Mazak Variaxis 630-5X-II 5 Axis Machining Center  (max 28" diameter, 20" tall)
  • 1- Matsuura MAM72-35V 5 Axis High Precision, 32 pallets, 240 tools "lights out machining" (max 13" diameter, 10" tall) 
  • 1- Matsuura MAM72-63V 5 Axis High Precision, 2 pallets, 240 tools "lights out machining" (max 28" diameter x 17" tall)
  • 1- DMG DMC125U 5 Axis High Precision, 7 pallets, 180 tools "lights out machining" (max 48" diameter x 48" tall") 
  • 1- Atrump M422W Vertical Machining Center, 4th axis rotary table (max 43" x 24" x 28", 2200lb.)
  • 1- Atrump B6EC Vertical Machining Center (max 42" x 22" x 25", 2000lb.)
  • 2- Millport 3 Axis Bed Mill

CNC Turning Equipment

  • 1- Johnford TC-35 - 35HP 10" chuck machine (max 14" diameter x 26" length)
  • 1- Daewoo Puma 12L  40HP 12" & 15" chuck machine (max 20" diameter x 44" length)

EDM Equipment

  • 1- Mitsubishi FA20 5 Axis Wire EDM (20" x 14" x 12" travels)
  • 1- Current EDM Drill (.002" to .250" drill diameters)

Other Equipment

  • 1- Berco Camshaft Lobe Grinder
  • 2- Schou Crankshaft Journal Grinders
  • 3- Sunnen Honing Machines (.25" to 6" diameter capacity)
  • 1- Newen CNC Contour Valve Seat & Guide Machine

Finishing Equipment

  • 1- Glass Bead Cabinet
  • 1- Soda Blast Cabinet
  • 2- Shot Pean Tumblers (for high volume production with stainless steel shot)
  • 1- Ceramic Tumbling for aluminum finishing
  • 1- Ceramic Tumbling for steel finishing

Inspection Equipment

  • 1- Zeiss Contura 7/7/6 CMM, 2016, 5 axis rotating head, DCC fully programmable
  • 1- Renishaw Cyclone II Digitizer
  • 1- Audie Technology Cam Pro Plus
  • 1- Mitutoyo Optical Comparator
  • 1- Magnetic Particle Testing Unit (crack detection)
  • 1- Mitutoyo SJ-210 Portable Surface Anaylsis Tool
  • 1- Granite Surface Plate, Dial Bore Gauges, Height Gauge, Rockwell Hardness Tester

Rapid Development

Fully Funcional Prototypes That Never Compromise Quality

Prototype Development & Quality Control

We take pride in creating prototypes that are always rapidly produced, cost effective, and high quality. Our highly skilled machinists use industry-leading software and machining equipment including 5-Axis CNC Milling, CNC Turning, 4 Axis Wire EDM, EDM Hole Drilling, surface grinding, and Honing. We always test for quality using standardized equipment like our Zeiss Contra 5-Axis CMM Machine featuring form scanning and digitizing capabilities to 1.7 in μm accuracy.

Prototype Development  Quality Control

Why McQuillen?

When you need high quality, expertly manufactured parts, look no further than McQuillen Manufacturing. We’ve been specializing in complex machining for over 15 years customers in Rochester, Buffalo, Le Roy, and all over the US. Our specialty is quick turnaround that never compromises quality. We take pride in creating products that are always rapidly produced, cost effective, and push even the most ambitious standards of quality. 

Whether you're ready for your project to be transformed into a flawless product, or need to consult with an experienced machinist, we're waiting to help you. Get in touch with us today, and discover for yourself why McQuillen Manufacturing has a reputation for unbeatable customer service.

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