With over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, the McQuillen family, combined with a team of experienced highly skilled machinists has a reputation for delivering superior products with demonstrated durability and quality.


Testing Facilities

Our facility utilizes SuperFlow Dynamometers and SpinTron endurance testing for true quality control and validation of engine components.


Automotive Prototypes and Development

Our ability to rapidly produce your automotive prototypes is second to none. We have extensive experience with complex and difficult to machine components and alloys. Our 5 axis machining center allows us to complete components with tight tolerance, multisided features, and angled features in single operations. Our services include projects as simple as single component development and machining all the way to complete prototype engine manufacturing. We can provide turn-key products and support with testing facilities including spintron valve train and dynamometer testing for durability, performance, and validation testing.


Automotive Crankshafts

We have extensive experience producing prototype crankshafts from billet 4340 steel and other alloys. We have developed proven processes which allow us to maintain the highest quality product with unbeatable lead times.

Our capabilities include:

  • Single Cylinder or Multi Cylinder

  • Up to 15in Diameter and 32” Length

  • Engineering Prototypes or Short Run Production

  • Typical Lead time 14-18 weeks

  • Expedited Lead time 8-11 weeks


Automotive Camshafts

With more than 15 years experience with prototype camshaft manufacturing, we are able to maintain the highest quality product with unbeatable lead time. We can produce prototype camshafts from various steel alloy bar stock to exact customer specifications. We can offer full inspection including Adcole lobe profile verification. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Single Lobe or Multi-Lobe

  • Up to 4in Diameter and 36in Length

  • Engineering Prototypes or Short Run Production

  • Cam Phasers or Phaser Splice add-ons

  • Typically lead time 8-10 weeks

  • Expedited lead time 6-7 weeks

Rapid Development

Fully Funcional Prototypes That Never Compromise Quality

Prototype Development & Quality Control

We take pride in creating prototypes that are always rapidly produced, cost effective, and high quality. Our highly skilled machinists use industry-leading software and machining equipment including 5-Axis CNC Milling, CNC Turning, 4 Axis Wire EDM, EDM Hole Drilling, surface grinding, and Honing. We always test for quality using standardized equipment like our Zeiss Contra 5-Axis CMM Machine featuring form scanning and digitizing capabilities to 1.7 in μm accuracy.

Prototype Development  Quality Control

Why McQuillen?

When you need high quality, expertly manufactured parts, look no further than McQuillen Manufacturing. We’ve been specializing in complex machining for over 15 years for customers in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and all over the US. We specialize in contract 5 axis machining for the aerospace and defense industries. We also offer prototype and product development services to our customers.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you or to schedule a tour of our facility. 

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